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What is the Tax Rate?

The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration is charged with the task of computing and establishing the tax rate for each town, city, or unincorporated place, in accordance with RSA 21J:35.

The 2018 tax rate has been set at $11.26 per thousand of assessed valuation. A breakdown of the rate is as follows:

Town Rate
Local School
State School
Total Tax Rate
-1.39 from 2017

Property taxes are billed semi annually in Wakefield. The first bill each year is based on one half of the previous year’s tax. If there has been a change in the assessed valuation of the property since the previous bill was issued, the bill is based on the new appraisal. This tax bill is usually mailed out near the end of May and due the first week of July. (Specific due date may vary from year to year as it is contingent upon the date of mailing.)

The tax rate is set in the fall of each year then the final bill is calculated. The second bill uses the new tax rate multiplied by the property’s assessed value less any payments made on the first bill. This tax billis usually is mailed out near the end of October and due the first week of December. (Again, specific due dates may vary.)

Both tax bills are subject to interest at 12% per annum on amounts not paid by the specified due dates.

Town of Wakefield, NH
2 High Street, Sanbornville, NH 03872