Dog Licensing Information

New Hampshire law requires all dogs to be licensed when they are 3 months old (dogs must have their 1st rabies shot), and thereafter, the licenses must be renewed annually by April 30. The registrant is required to produce a valid rabies certificate for the dog and if applicable spaying/neutering certificate. Licenses can be obtained by mail with the proper documentation and fee. Dog licenses are available for purchase beginning in January each year.

According to NH law, a $1.00 per month late charge is due June 1 of each year. After June 20, upon instruction for the Board of Selectmen, the Wakefield Police Department will issue a $25.00 civil forfeiture for failure to license.

Annual license fees are:

$6.50           Spayed or neutered dogs or puppies 3-7 months old
$9.00           Male or female dogs – NOT neutered or spayed
$2.00           Dog owners 65 or older, for the first dog only

Dog Licensing
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